Equinix to Open Fourth Data Center in Singapore

January 2019

Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data center company, announced on January 7 that it  will build its fourth International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Singapore, called SG4, with an investment of USD 85 million. Equinix’s three existing IBX data centers in Singapore comprise more than 445,000 square feet (41,400 square meters) of colocation space. In Q3 2018, Equinix announced the completion of an expansion of the SG3 IBX data center in Singapore that nearly doubled the size of the facility. The first phase of SG4, located in one of the country’s data center clusters – Tai Seng Industrial Estate- will provide more than 45,400 square feet (approximately 4,220 square meters) of colocation space, offering an initial capacity of 1,400 cabinets. The facility will accommodate more than 4,000 cabinets at full build out, with a total colocation space of more than 132,180 square feet (approximately 12,280 square meters). 

Directly connected to the three existing Equinix IBX data centers in Singapore via low-latency dark fiber links, the new SG4 IBX will enable customers to securely interconnect with approximately 600 companies from different industries, including financial services, cloud services, biomedical sciences, IT, communications, media, physical sciences and engineering. This also includes a broad range of network services from more than 200 global networks and more than 150 cloud and IT service providers.

SG4 will also provide software-defined interconnection to more than 1,300 businesses including some of the largest cloud service providers (CSP) such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Tencent Cloud. Customers can use the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric APIs or portal to find and connect to the aggregation of companies and ecosystems at Equinix on demand, locally or in other metro areas. This includes on-demand connectivity to ECX Fabric customers globally and in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), Hong Kong and Japan (Tokyo and Osaka). 

Singapore is the fourth largest overall market in APAC for data centers, behind Japan, China and India. Singapore holds the biggest capacity in the data center market regionally, with a total of 370 MW of IT power supply across more than 50 operators among co-location operators. The market is driven by international demand, which makes up 65-75% of total demand, as it is a hub for serving the South East Asia region.

(Sources: Straits Times; Equinix)

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