Leonovus Inc.

Seeking Agents/Distributors/Resellers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Police forces, law enforcement and banks

Based in Ottawa, Canada, with regional sales and support in the USA, Leononus is a software company with expertise in blockchain-hardened hyper-secure; hardware, software and cloud agnostic; storage and distributed compute cloud/hybrid software defined data storage solutions.

Leonovus is the cloud solutions software developer of a blockchain hardened, software-defined object storage solution. Designed with the IT manager in mind, Leonovus’ patented algorithms encrypt, shred and spread data across a network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes. This design allows for the most secure, yet internally accessible, form of object-based data storage in support of corporate governance, risk management and compliance. The advanced geo-distributed architecture minimizes latency, optimizes availability, reduces remote backup costs and meets data sovereignty requirements. With its software and hardware agnostic design, Leonovus is Petabyte scalable and allows the enterprise to use its existing idle storage resources, extend the useable lifespan of depreciated resources and improve the enterprise’s overall ROI.

Canada, USA

Information technology distributors with sales and technical support services that could include Leonovus in their sales and support portfolio.

Police forces, law enforcement and banks are the first targeted markets. Any enterprise with growing data storage that needs a hyper-secure, flexible, compliant, auditable solution.

We are the first software defined storage company to add blockchain technology to increase the security and compliance of corporate data.

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