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Meteorology-based industries

Founded in 1951, Millard Towers is an engineering and manufacturing firm that specializes in Aluminum tower fabrication for aviation, meteorology, communication, marine, and security applications. In particular, Millard has become renowned for its ‘frangible’ towers used in aviation. These towers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, but fail if impacted by an aircraft. Millard was the first manufacturer of this type of tower and as a result, was instrumental in making it an ICAO standard.

Millard’s frangible (aviation) applications include towers for: Approach Light Systems (ALS), meteorology equipment, and Instrument Landing Systems (ILS). Millard also manufactures complete Windsock assemblies.

Other products outside the airfield include: communication towers, marine navigation aid supports, and meteorology towers.

Canada, USA

Distributor of electrical components (i.e. lighting, regulators, etc.) who also represents other major airfield lighting manufacturers.

We sell to the aviation market and to meteorology-based industries.

Millard is one of only six companies in the world to manufacture frangible towers that are required for specific airfield applications worldwide.

Millard is only one of two that manufactures them out of Aluminum – a material known for its corrosion resistant and strength qualities.

Millard is the oldest manufacturer of frangible towers (67 years) and has a typical lifespan two to three times of competing products.

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