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Banks, Central banks, Businesses, Governments

nanopay is a Fintech company based in Toronto that provides a real-time payment platform that powers multi-currency payment solutions with instantaneous settlement. nanopay solutions include cross-border payment networks, business-to-business (B2B) payments, digital cash and settlement in capital markets. Open APIs enable banks, payment service providers and businesses to securely store and transfer digital value between parties instantly and without intermediaries. The nanopay platform uses state-of-the-art cryptography and is designed for global regulatory compliance. nanopay is venture funded with strategic investments from international partners including the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.

nanopay’s technology improves methods for speed, cost, security, scalability, payer authorization, fraud prevention, ease of implementation and data encryption. Its technology represents an innovative way to deliver faster payments for B2B, P2P, B2P and P2B use cases as well as clearing and settlement between banks.

Canada, China, India, USA

nanoPay is seeking to partner with commercial banks, central banks, retailers, acquirers, telcos, developers and point-of-sale providers.

Banks, Central banks, Businesses, Governments

A key benefit of nanopay’s platform is the ease with which it can integrate with existing legacy systems within banks and credit unions without changes to the FI’s core or creating a costly payments hub. Accessed through open API’s, nanopay enables banks to deliver modern solutions without significant integration costs across a wide variety of applications. nanopay’s platform includes ISO 20022 messaging, which offers banking partners next generation payments without a significant investment.

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