Visual Software Inc.

Seeking Agents/Distributors/Resellers in Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Education; Medical; Others
Multi-industry applications: Defense, Industrial, Agriculture, and Building & Construction, among others

Founded in 1995, Visual Software Inc. is headquartered in the state of Pennsylvania. We offer configurable, enterprise-level products that enable existing line-of-business (LOB) applications to securely share information between themselves in real time, without requiring modifications to the applications themselves.

For example, in the medical sector, we can help connect Patient Information Systems with HR systems. Using our interoperability solutions, these two distinct systems can share data in real time (even though the applications themselves were never designed to share information at all).

Our solutions are available in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Australia.

We create, market and support products that allow various applications to exchange data. These are the products:
ZIAgent™ : Connect any application with a standardized infrastructure and trade data in real-time.
ZIServer™ : Transfer messages securely between connected applications.
Veracity™ : Consolidate data while testing its quality against local policies.
Mimic™ : Connect legacy applications to a standardized infrastructure.
Dexterity™ : Automate data center maintenance, allowing it to adapt to constantly changing conditions.
Ipseity™ : Manage Active Directory accounts and identities automatically for large populations.

Australia, Canada, Egypt, United Kingdom, USA

Distributors who are selling in the following complementary products such as Tier 1 Help Desk Services, Windows Server Maintenance and Installation, Cloud Services, SQL server Installation.

We are interested in software suppliers / developers who have served in the education, healthcare sectors.

Our solutions can be deployed by educational institutes, government agencies and companies across various industries. It would be useful for any organization that requires interoperability of data.

- We work with Microsoft and Oracle in US, UK and Australia. We are also a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2003 and an Oracle Gold Certified Partner since 2013.
- Our products are fully configurable and work easily in any enterprise-level environment.
- All products are designed to be industry-independent, and all applications are capable of supporting multiple UTF-8 languages.
- Automated process: Most of the configuration and daily maintenance processes have been automated so that new implementations are as simple as possible.
- The existing product line performs well enough to support large cities and national deployments with complex XML specifications.

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