Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the GrowYourBusiness (GYB) platform about?

Since 1997, the core of our business has been to provide market entry services to companies that are looking to export their products and services to South East Asia. In the process of providing our services to clients from around the world, we found that the service requests from these companies fell into one or more of the following categories:

  • They were looking for customized business matchmaking services to help them find agents, distributors or business partners in South East Asia.
  • They needed market or sector information to help them understand what opportunities were open to them, and what were potential barriers to entry
  • They needed in-market support to execute their market entry strategy

After over 20 years of experience in delivering these types of services, we decided to consolidate our domain knowledge and create the GYB platform to provide contacts, insights and support to companies needing market entry or market expansion services in South East Asia.


Why is the GrowYourBusiness Platform useful?

The GrowYourBusiness Platform is an online B2B Distributor Search Platform, and has been designed on the basis of over 20 years of direct experience in helping companies with their market entry into South East Asia.  It addresses the following questions that you should ask yourself.

How are you searching for distributors currently?

Many companies tell us that their current mode of finding agents and distributors is to do an internet search themselves, or they participate in trade shows.

When they do their own searches on the internet, they find they spend a lot of time only to find limited contacts, especially in non-English speaking markets.

If they exhibit at a trade show, and after spending a significant amount of money to cover booth set-up, travel and logistics, they find that either very few distributors stopped at their booth, or they picked up a lot of business cards, but very few were really relevant contacts or the right fit in terms of the business they were in. Some have found they received a lot of interest from end customers, but these end users did not want to be distributors.

If you look at our sector databases, you will notice that we have a very significant number of distributor contacts in our databases. More importantly, our databases include contacts in some very niche sectors which companies will not find through their own research. Our platform offers companies the opportunity to increase the number of the right types of distributors they approach, and increasing their rate of success. Our platform eliminates the need for you to search for potential targets on your own.

Instead of taking a passive approach hoping that the right distributor stops by your booth at a trade show, our services allow you to proactively reach out to qualified potential distributors directly.

How much do you know about a market?

Many companies approach market entry without any advance preparation or knowledge of the market or sector, and have unrealistic expectations of the market. If your company is reaching out to a prospective distributor who senses that you do not know the market, they may not be interested in the opportunity, and as a result, you find that you can’t close deals.

Our platform offers you the opportunity to prepare in advance before going into a market. Our platform has:

  • Business insights on different countries and sectors to help you with target market selection
  • Sector-specific syndicated reports that provide detailed information on the country, sector, potential customers to target, local competition, tariffs that may impact pricing and distributor margins, local business culture, etc.
  • Custom research services if you want to gather some specific information like retail pricing of products, product labelling and packing information etc.


What is the difference between the market entry and market expansion services you offer?

Our market entry services are targeted at companies that are new to market, be it to the region, or to one or more countries in the region. For these companies, we have developed products and services such as our industry reports and agent/distributor search services.

Our market expansion services have been designed for companies that want to take a more proactive approach to building their sales in a market without relying on a distributor alone. For these companies, we curate business news on a monthly basis so they are kept aware of current and future opportunities in the market, and offer our in-market sales development program, which is targeted at companies who want to establish a direct presence in a country and having their own dedicated sales person without making the initial capital investment of having a full-fledged office.


How were your distributor databases developed?

The distributor database on the GYB Platform is the fruit of over 20 years of work providing customized business matching services to clients looking for agents and distributors. To offer such a service, we have been building proprietary distributor databases for various sectors for each of the South East Asian markets. Our database is designed to allow us to drill down to sub-sector levels within a specific category, to allow us to provide as much of a customized business matching service to companies as possible.


What are the sources of information for the companies that are found in the distributor databases?

The contacts in our database have been identified by the staff in our local offices in each of the South East Asian countries. The sources we use include:

  • Searches on the Internet
  • Trade shows
  • Trade associations
  • Business newspapers and periodicals
  • Business directories
  • Contacts uncovered during specific business matching projects
  • Companies who sign up on our GYB website


How often are the distributor databases updated?

Our databases are updated continuously, since:

  • We are always adding new contacts to our list, especially when we receive a customised partner search request from a company that has a niche product/service, or when we attend trade shows, or when we come across relevant business news about a particular company, or when new distributors contact us for assistance to find new suppliers
  • We reach out to all our distributors every month through our newsletters
  • We call many of the distributors in our database when we are setting up business matching meetings for our clients that are visiting the market


Why don’t you reveal the names and contact details of the distributors on the GrowYourBusiness Platform?

We strictly follow data protection laws that prohibit the disclosure or misuse of information held on private individuals within a company. The information that we have collected on decision makers within a company cannot be disclosed to other organizations or individuals unless specifically authorized by law or by consent of the individual within that company.


What kind of companies should use your services?

The companies that use our agent/distributor search services include small or mid-sized businesses, to large multinational or public listed companies. Their rationale for using our database generally fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • They are new to market companies, and their mode of entry is through local agents or distributors
  • They have found limited or no success participating in trade shows/exhibitions to find partners or customers, and want to take a more proactive approach to finding partners in a market because of the nature of their business
  • They do have local representation, but are dissatisfied with their current agents or distributors, because these representatives are not active, or are not the right fit, business wise


How is your company different from other companies selling contacts or lead generation services?

We differentiate ourselves in several ways:

  • Our distributor database has been developed based on actual distributor search requests that we have undertaken since 1997
  • Our database has been developed by our local in-country teams. They know their local market, who the key players are, and where to find such information
  • For those clients who tap on our customized search services, it is our local staff, speaking the local language, that are contacting potential distributors on our client’s behalf during the pre-qualification process. This helps the client get meetings with companies that they are sometimes unable to get on their own
  • A majority of the companies we assist are referred to us by government export agencies from North America, Europe and Asia (see our client base). That gives us strong credibility in terms of the quality of our work. In fact, some of our government clients have been working with us since 1997


How does your distributor search service work?

We have created 3 service options – standard, premium, and customized – to cater to companies with different budgetary or service requirements in terms of how targeted they want their distributor search campaign to be.

In all the service options, we require the client at a minimum to create a posting that will be placed in our 'Companies Seeking Distributors' section. The post will contain information that will enable a potential agent or distributor to better understand who the client is, what the client has to offer in terms of their products or services (offerings), the unique selling propositions of their offerings, and who are the target end users, among others.

Every month, a newsletter is sent to our database of distributors, with brief information on our clients who are looking for agents and distributors in their particular market. The distributors are then invited to visit our GYB website to view the postings and register their interest if they see a client that has an offer that is of interest to them.

The service packages vary as follows:

Standard – This package offers you a low cost option to test the market to get a sense of the level of response and interest from potential distributors. You can always extend the term of your posting, add on additional markets, or take a more targeted approach at a later stage

Premium – This package is ideal for you if you want to start your distributor search with a more targeted campaign aimed at a particular group of distributors, especially if you are selling a more niche product/service. Instead of just waiting for potential distributors to respond to your posting, for this service option, we proactively reach out directly to your target group with personalized information about your company, so as to raise the level of interest from potential distributors

Customized - this package service offers you our full suite of services. You will get to see the list of distributors, including company names, profiles and websites, and the option of selecting the ones that fit your requirements best, in terms of the products and services that these distributors sell. As part of the follow-up, our in-country team does both an email and phone campaign to prequalify your prospective partners. If you are making a market visit, our team sets up the meeting program with those distributors that have an interest in the opportunity, so that you don’t waste time meeting companies that have no interest in the opportunity at all. All you need to do is come to the market to make the final pitch and close the deal


If we subscribe to your standard or premium package, how would an interested distributor contact us?

We have added a CTA (call-to-action) button to your posting. If a distributor is interested in contacting you, they will click on the CTA, fill in a form, and the response will reach us. Our local office will verify the information provided by the potential distributor and raise any additional questions if needed for clarification before we forward the response to you. All expressions of interest will be recorded in the Client Service Area, a secure site we have developed, which only you can access.


Why is the posting up for 3 months? What if I want to extend the term of my posting?

Our experience has shown that 3 months is the minimum time it should be up to gain sufficient attention in the market. If clients receive insufficient responses from potential distributors after 3 months, they can extend the campaign through our platform or contact us directly for more options.


What does the posting look like?

To view the postings, simply select Companies Seeking Distributors on the main menu bar, select a country, and view the range of postings featured for that country.


How much does the service cost?

Please view our Price Plans.


Who do we contact if we have questions on the platform or your services?

Please contact us at [email protected]  to send us your questions or service enquiry, or go to Contact Us for our in-country contact information.