The Medical Technologies Sector – Key Trends in Malaysia

The Medical Technologies Sector – Key Trends in Malaysia

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This report is designed to provide an overview of the medical technologies sector in Malaysia. The healthcare sector has been designated as one of the key economic drivers in the country, that is expected to play a big role in helping Malaysia transform itself into a high-income country by 2020. Malaysia’s healthcare system has been held up as an example to other developing countries as it uses a dual system to administer the sector. Primary care for its citizens is heavily subsidized by the government while the private healthcare sector delivers specialty services to those who can afford it and also to international patients. 

Malaysia promotes high quality yet affordable medical services to foreigners, and its medical tourism sector has expanded by over 20% per year since 2011. It is also positioning itself as a medical devices manufacturing hub, and is actively seeking foreign investment into the sector. Currently up to 90% of its locally manufactured medical devices are exported overseas. Apart from that, Malaysia is investing into ICT development in the healthcare sector. Around 5% of budget allocated for healthcare is now dedicated for ICT development within the sector.

Report Structure

The report starts with a short profile of Malaysia, then goes on to provide a descriptive analysis of Malaysia's healthcare sector, from the healthcare trends shaping the market, to the healthcare infrastructure, as well as the role played by its government. Next to this more general introduction, the key characteristics of the medical technologies sector are presented, with a special focus on assistive technologies and ICT. One of the key sections of the report is a profile of key buyers in the country, namely hospitals, pharmacy chains and testing laboratories. We hope the report offers you a fresh perspective on the current landscape influencing the medical technologies sector in Thailand, and the range of opportunities it offers.

The report is designed to provide comprehensive and well-structured information to help a company understand the opportunities in the market, and offers a wide range of data and information collected from various sources that were built together in order to give a deeper insight into the industry.

Research Methodology

Orissa International regularly undertakes market research projects in various sectors in South East Asia, for trade promotion agencies and individual companies. With more than 20 years’ experience of helping companies with their market entry into South East Asia, our in-country research teams have acquired extensive and practical hands-on specialist industry knowledge.

Research in each country is undertaken by an in-market analyst. Our physical presence in the market gives us an ability to engage directly with local industry contacts, keep track of commercial opportunities in the market, and monitor the latest market trends and industry events that impact the market.

We undertake desk research to gather as much secondary data and information from a variety of credible sources. These include our proprietary distributor databases, specialist trade press, business and mainstream press, industry news and events, market studies, financial reports, trade associations, as well as company profiles, publications, and annual reports. Orissa International applies various processes and a series of quality checks to validate data and information to ensure the quality, completeness and accuracy of our reports.

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The Medical Technologies Sector – Key Trends in Malaysia

Sep 2017

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