The Smart Cities Sector – Key Trends in South East Asia

The Smart Cities Sector – Key Trends in South East Asia

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South East Asia is a diverse region, and is comprised of 10 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, which together form the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The region enjoys peace, security, and prosperity, and has a strong value proposition. Taken as a whole, it is the seventh largest economy in the world and is projected to become the fourth largest economy by 2050. ASEAN’s combined GDP stands at USD 2.5 trillion. This is expected to quadruple to USD 10 trillion between 2030 and 2050. Today it has over 630 million people. ASEAN’s urban hubs (it has around 50 cities with populations of over 500,000) will continue to drive an overwhelming share of its economic development in the next few decades.

Smart cities have become a hot topic in South East Asia, as countries in the region turn to smart innovations to make its cities more livable, and to accommodate further growth while also tackling environmental and societal constraints.

Singapore is well on its ‘smart city’ journey, having implemented electronic road pricing, smart building technologies, innovative water management and treatment systems, among others, and has become a smart city that others aspire to. Meanwhile, other cities in are also embracing smart city innovation. Bandung, a city in Indonesia, has set up an IBM Command Centre to manage city operations and is employing video analytics, GPS tracking, and apps to enhance its citizen’s lives. The Vietnamese government, on the other hand, has been in talks with the U.S Commercial Service for US businesses in the design, energy, ICT, transportation, water and waste sectors to help build infrastructural and technological capabilities for the city.

As South East Asia embraces the next wave of smart city technologies and innovations, countless business opportunities are available for companies looking to tap into emerging market segments – especially in the areas of digital government services, efficient energy use and renewables, water and waste management, transportation, education and healthcare. The region presents a burgeoning market opportunity for both local and global businesses looking to contribute to the growth.

Report Structure

The report covers the six key ASEAN markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. For each market, we offer a country profile, which is then followed by a snapshot of the Smart Cities sector in that country. Rather than attempting to cover the entire Smart Cities sector, we identify smart solutions and initiatives that have been deployed in the country in four key sectors, namely Smart Building, Smart Water, Smart Transport and Smart Energy.

The report is designed to provide comprehensive and well-structured information to help a company understand the opportunities in the region, and offers a wide range of data and information collected from various sources that were built together in order to give a deeper insight into the industry.

Research Methodology

Orissa International regularly undertakes market research projects in various sectors in South East Asia for trade promotion agencies and individual companies. With more than 20 years of experience of helping companies with their market entry into South East Asia, our in-country research teams have acquired extensive and practical hands-on industry knowledge.

Research in each country is undertaken by an in-market analyst. Our physical presence in the market gives us an ability to engage directly with local industry contacts, keep track of commercial opportunities in the market and monitor the latest market trends and industry events that impact the market.

We undertake desk research to gather as much secondary data and information from a variety of credible sources. These include our proprietary distributor databases, specialist trade press, business and mainstream press, industry news and events, market studies, financial reports, trade associations, as well as company profiles, publications and annual reports. Orissa International applies various processes and a series of quality checks to validate data and information to ensure the quality, completeness and accuracy of our reports.

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The Smart Cities Sector – Key Trends in South East Asia

Jun 2017

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