Companies Betting on Healthier Beverages in Thailand

March 2019

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited or SPBT, producer and distributor of the most popular beverages under Suntory and PepsiCo, is further expanding its array of refreshment products with the introduction of a new beverage, ‘goodmood’. The new product aims at capturing the growing trend of the new category ‘Water Plus’, which is a premium refreshing hydration with healthier proposition. Priced at around USD 0.6, ‘goodmood’ is available in two varieties: premium taste profile of “Blackcurrant” (available only at 7-Eleven stores) and for the first time of  “Yogurt” in clear form, available in a 450-ml PET bottle at convenience stores, supermarkets and traditional trade stores nationwide. ‘

In recent years, the beverage market in Thailand has been driven by a rising demand for healthier drinks. This has been reflected in increasing consumption of water and non-carbonated soft drinks, which now account for around 70% of the total market.

Another example of the growth of the healthier segment for the beverage market in Thailand is represented by the new strategic partnership that Sappe Holding Thailand Company Limited and Myen Pte Ltd (Danone), a 100% subsidiary of Danone, have entered into in 2019. The new joint venture, Danone Sappe Beverages Company Limited will develop, manufacture, market and distribute “healthier choice” beverages in Thailand.

In 2017, the government introduced a progressive sugar tax to nudge drink-makers to reduce the sweetness of their products. Drinks with a sugar content of under 6g per 100ml were exempt, but those with 18g of sugar content per 100ml faced a tax of THB 1 (USD 0.032) per liter.

(Sources: The Nation; Bangkok Post)

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