We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Market Immersion Program in Thailand for a Singaporean Distributor of Biscuits and Snackfoods

Orissa International supported a Singaporean pioneer in the biscuits and snackfoods sector to enter the Thai market via our Market Immersion Program. As part of the program, we conducted extensive market research and engaged with a broad spectrum of potential retail and distributor partners, including key supermarkets and traditional grocery stores. We arranged numerous in-person meetings, discussed collaboration terms and trial placements, and helped our client tailor its product offerings, packaging and pricing based on detailed partner feedback and market demands. Additionally, we advised the client on product registration and assisted in identifying and evaluating warehouse and logistics options to streamline its supply chain in Thailand. This strategic approach forged initial business contacts and effectively positioned our client for sustained market penetration and growth in Thailand.

Report on Opportunities in Singapore’s Clean Energy Sector

Orissa International undertook a market research project in Singapore for a British association focused on clean energy. Tailored for UK energy innovators, our report offered a clear and accessible analysis of Singapore’s decarbonization policies and trends. The report examined key initiatives such as the Singapore Green Plan 2030, outlined the country’s zero-emission targets, and analyzed its carbon tax and credits system. It also explored regulatory sandboxes, and detailed R&D initiatives. In addition to identifying major players and their technological solutions, we synthesized insights gleaned from interviews with various energy stakeholders in Singapore to identify key opportunities for British clean energy innovators, and crafted tailored recommendations on effective market entry approaches.

Leading Food Manufacturer Expands Successfully into the Philippines Market

Orissa International undertook a business matching project for a prominent manufacturer of oriental steamed buns with a widespread distribution network covering Australia, New Zealand, China as well as various Southeast Asian markets. Drawing from our success in connecting the client with partners in Malaysia in 2022 and Thailand in 2023, we aimed to achieve similar results by helping them expand into the Philippines. For the current project, our in-market team in the Philippines conducted extensive research to identify 23 suitable distribution partners. After the client shortlisted 16 companies that met its criteria, we undertook a program of prequalification to identify decision- makers and assess their interest. From these efforts, six interested parties emerged, and we facilitated productive discussions between the client and its potential partners, and supported the client with follow-ups. The client was able to successfully secure a distributor in the Philippines, marking a significant milestone in its entry into the market.

Business Matching in Thailand for a German Company Specializing in Natural Health Products

Orissa International undertook a business matching project in Thailand for a German company specializing in natural health products, such as herbal remedies and dietary supplements. Leveraging our extensive network and market expertise, we identified over 30 potential partners for our client, spanning various sectors such as pharmaceutical distribution, healthcare product manufacturing, and medical equipment and supplies distribution. Following an outreach campaign to gauge interest, we organized 7 virtual meetings for our client. During the meetings, detailed information was exchanged between the parties to evaluate compatibility and alignment of goals. In addition to expressions of interest and promising collaboration opportunities, our client gained valuable insights, which included regulatory considerations, product customization possibilities, retail pricing strategies and product positioning, and market potential assessment.

GSGP Trade Mission to Vietnam and the Philippines

Orissa International supported the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers (GSGP) during their trade mission to Vietnam and the Philippines. The delegation comprised a diverse array of companies, including two logistics service providers, a manufacturer specializing in tactical fuel and water storage systems for military use, and a producer of baking equipment and tools. Orissa International arranged a total of 40 business matching meetings, each tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the participating companies. This comprehensive mission covered key locations, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, as well as Manila in the Philippines.

Strategic Support for AR/VR Technology Expansion in Indonesia and Thailand

Orissa International recently supported a SaaS-based AR/VR technology company specializing in simulation training for business applications, as they sought to enter the Indonesian market. By leveraging our in-market team in Indonesia, we identified and engaged with over 30 potential end-users from diverse industries in Indonesia, including industrial design and manufacturing, mining, and energy services. We successfully prequalified these companies’ interest in our client’s offerings and facilitated four strategic meetings, which not only broadened our client’s market exposure but also provided valuable insights into the sector-specific applications of AR and VR technologies. These discussions emphasized the keen interest among local industries to utilize such technologies for enhanced training, safety, and operational efficiencies. By facilitating these initial connections and highlighting practical applications, we helped our client establish a strong foundation for their market entry in Indonesia, and are continuing to provide ongoing support to extend its reach into Thailand as well.

Investment Attraction Success at UK-Thailand Financial Conference

Orissa International represented the West Midlands Growth Company (WMGC) at the UK Financial Conference and Mini Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 28, 2024. This event featured a financial conference and a mini expo that highlighted regional investment agencies from the UK and Thailand. One of the key moments was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UK Export Finance (UKEF) and the Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Bank Thailand). The event was attended by notable figures including Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the UK’s Minister for Investment Lord Dominic Johnson, alongside approximately 40-50 C-level executives from major Thai corporations. Orissa International successfully identified about 15 strategic investors from diverse sectors such as business, finance, energy, technology, and agriculture who are interested in expansion. Following the conference, Orissa International initiated follow-up discussions with these prospective investors to explore further opportunities.

Undertaking Business Development in Malaysia for a Coffee Concentrate Manufacturer

As part of our Market Immersion Program, Orissa International is actively supporting a client, a coffee concentrate manufacturer, in entering the Malaysian market. We are helping the client to expand its network of distributors and retailers in Malaysia, having helped it forge connections with prominent chains where discussions to finalize terms are nearing completion. Our strategic approach includes targeted outreach to cafes, convenience stores, and food service companies, capitalizing on our client’s impending Halal certification to access new market segments. We are also facilitating the establishment of key logistic partnerships, particularly in regions outside the Klang Valley, such as Melaka and Pahang. In addition, we are supporting the client in its promotional efforts, including event collaborations and influencer marketing campaigns, to boost brand visibility. Ongoing negotiations and several pivotal contracts are close to initiation, positioning our client to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for specialty coffee products throughout Malaysia.

Business Matching for Team Canada Trade Mission to Vietnam

Orissa International supported the business matching session for the Team Canada Trade Mission to Vietnam led by the Honorable Mary Ng, Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade, and Economic Development. The Trade mission is part of Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, aiming to bolster Canadian exporters and innovators in the country. We began the project by understanding the corporate backgrounds and unique selling propositions of Canadian suppliers in the four sectors: Agrifood, Clean Tech, ICT and Life Sciences, identifying over 200 potential Vietnamese partners and customers that were well-aligned with the Canadian companies’ objectives. The mission culminated in 452 successful B2B meetings conducted over a span of 3 days, fostering valuable connections and paving the way for fruitful collaborations.

Market Research Report on the Alcoholic Drinks Sector in Singapore

Orissa International conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Singapore alcoholic drinks market for a European trade promotion board, aimed at supporting spirits producers. The research included in-store checks to gather up-to-date data on pricing and packaging, as well as interviews with key distributors to understand current market trends. The findings, presented in both a detailed report and a PowerPoint presentation, explored the dynamics of key spirit categories such as whiskey and gin, and delved into consumer preferences and buying factors like flavor profiles and brand reputation. Additionally, the report covered the regulatory framework, assessed the competitive landscape, and concluded with customized recommendations for establishing a strong market presence in Singapore.

Strategic Expansion of CPAP Technology in the Philippine Market

Orissa International assisted a leading distributor of world-class continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) technology, and a one-stop solution for respiratory care and sleep apnea needs. The company was interested to tap into our Market Immersion Program for in-market business development support in the Philippines. By conducting in-depth market research, we provided the client with valuable insights into the local demand for their respiratory care and sleep apnea solutions. Our efforts in the Philippines included organizing a tailored business matching program, which successfully connected the client with distributors servicing private hospitals and the retail healthcare sector. We also undertook business development for the client in the market, resulting in successful engagements with multiple healthcare institutions and companies and leading to fruitful discussions, ongoing negotiations and potential partnerships and orders for our client’s innovative sleep therapy solutions.

Expanding Market Reach for a Caviar Supplier in Indonesia

Orissa International completed a project aimed at introducing a caviar supplier to the Indonesian market. We focused on connecting the supplier with local distributors known for their access to upscale food segments. After evaluating potential partners based on their distribution networks and import capabilities, we arranged seven meetings. From these discussions, four companies showed interest in adding caviar to their offerings, starting with small quantities for market testing, particularly targeting collaborations with chefs to assess demand. This project marks a constructive step towards the supplier’s goal of expanding their presence in Indonesia, highlighting a clear pathway for growth and partnership in the region. This project builds upon our previous successful engagement with the client in Thailand, marking our continued partnership in expanding their market reach.