France’s Vital Meat Plans to Introduce Cultivated Chicken in Singapore

January 2024

Vital Meat, a French cultivated meat company, has recently announced its initiative to enter the Singaporean market with its innovative product, Vital Chicken. The company has submitted a pre-market regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), seeking approval to commercialize its cultivated chicken in Singapore.

Founded in 2018 in the Pays de la Loire, France, by Etienne Duthoit, Vital Meat specializes in developing protein alternatives to traditional meat using advanced biotechnology. The company’s decision to target Singapore stems from the country’s progressive approach and willingness to adopt new technologies in food production. Singapore has been a frontrunner in embracing cultivated meat, being the first country globally to allow its sale. This move began in 2019 when SFA introduced a novel food regulatory framework requiring companies to seek pre-market approval. This entails submitting comprehensive safety assessments for the SFA’s review.

Vital Meat aims to be the first European cultivated meat company to enter the Singapore market, joining the race with other biotech companies like Aleph Farms, Vow, Bluu Seafood, and Meatable. These companies are all eyeing Singapore as a promising market for commercializing their cultivated products.

The French biotech’s submission to the SFA is backed by its claim of developing a scalable, cost-effective platform for producing safe and stable cell line-based meat. Vital Meat asserts that its chicken cell-based meat is safe for human consumption and free from animal-origin compounds, GMOs, and antibiotics.

Vital Meat’s potential entry into the Singapore market with its cultivated chicken product, Vital Chicken, represents a significant development in the field of alternative protein sources. It underscores the growing global interest in sustainable, safe, and technologically advanced food solutions, positioning Singapore at the forefront of this innovative industry.

(Source: vegconomist)

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