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Vietnam, Japan Cooperating To Address Environmental Pollution

January 2019

As a result of strong economic growth in the current decade, Vietnam is facing severe environmental issues such as frequent flooding in the city caused by climate change, or solid waste treament. Taking action to reduce environmental pollution, especially poluttion in the big cities, are major challenges that the country is focusing its efforts on. 

To strengthen opperation between Vietnam and Japan in addressing and solving environmental issues in Vietnam, Vietnam-Japan Environment Week was held in January 11th, 2019. Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vo Tuan Nhan expressed that Vietnam hopes to receive more active assistance from Japan and to learn more experience in solid waste management and seek suitable models.

Japanese Vice Minister of the Environment Takaaki Katsumata said Japan had experienced similar issues to Vietnam when its economy attained the rapid growth in the 1960s. Japanese government will support Vietnam in the field of environmental work through technical cooperation activities, technological transfers, and branching out technologies towards sustainable environment protection. 

Vietnam’s first waste-to-energy facility that applied advanced technology from Japan initiated operations in May 2017 in Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex, Soc Son District, Hanoi. The factory has the capacity of treating 75 tonnes of waste per day.

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