Developments in Indonesia’s Smart City Projects: Collaborations with KT and Thales

November 2023

In a move toward advancing smart city projects in Indonesia, South Korean telecom giant KT Corp. is partnering with Telkom Indonesia to enhance smart solutions in Nusantara, Indonesia’s new capital. The collaboration involves sharing KT’s advanced ICT technologies, including quantum cryptography, cybersecurity, and smart city solutions, with Telkom Indonesia. Joint discussions will focus on business models for data centers, traffic systems, energy use, and the integration of artificial intelligence.

Simultaneously, the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) is collaborating with Thales, a French technology company, to develop technology infrastructure at the new Capital City. The emphasis is on creating a city with robust technological infrastructure that aligns with the characteristics of IKN Nusantara, such as being green, inclusive, smart, resilient, and sustainable.

Thales is actively involved in providing training to the local community to adapt to technological changes, including coding initiatives for various segments of the population. The meeting between OIKN representatives and Thales executives in Paris showcased progress in the digital transformation and environmental sustainability aspects of the development process of IKN Nusantara.

(Source: The Korean Herald & Antaranews)

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