Google Cloud Partners Malaysia Airports and Asia Mobiliti to Boost Digital Travel Services

September 2023

Google Cloud is partnering with Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and Asia Mobiliti to cater to the growing need for sustainable, digital-first travel experiences in the country. This is in line with the projection for Malaysia’s digital travel sector to expand by 56% annually, adding MYR 36.4 billion (USD 8 billion) to the local digital economy by 2025.

In a strategic collaboration, Google Cloud, MAHB, and Asia Mobiliti, supported by technology partners, CloudMile and PointStar, are converging to refine personalized, digital-first offerings for travelers in Malaysia. MAHB, capitalizing on Google Cloud’s capabilities, has modernized its digital infrastructure to adeptly handle significant passenger flow across its five international airports and 17 domestic airports in Malaysia. This upgrade is designed to ensure instantaneous access to airport and flight details, thus facilitating a seamless journey from check-in through to baggage retrieval. Simultaneously, Asia Mobiliti, a tech startup based in Malaysia, utilizes this platform to leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning, aiming to precisely forecast transportation demands.

Megawaty Khie, the Regional Director for Indonesia and Malaysia at Google Cloud, underscores the increasing reliance of travelers on digital services when planning their holidays. Supporting this, statistics reveal that seven out of ten urban digital consumers in Malaysia are utilizing such services. Google search data further demonstrates a substantial uptick, with a 750% increase in queries for travel credit cards and a 250% increase for insurance. Notably, there is a significant surge in interest in medical tourism and digital nomad visas in Malaysia, with respective search growth rates of 60% and 350%. Additionally, the trend towards sustainable travel is evident as queries related to ecotourism and sustainable transportation have soared by more than 700% and 160%, reflecting a willingness among many Malaysians to invest more in sustainable travel options.

(Sources: The Edge Malaysia; Cloud Mile)

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