Indonesia Launches Its First Organic Cheese in Collaboration with Denmark

September 2023

Indonesia recently celebrated the production of its first locally-made organic cheese. This cheese represents the concrete outcome of a collaborative initiative that harnessed Danish agricultural knowledge in partnership with Indonesian counterparts. The primary aim of this project was to enhance the Indonesian dairy industry and spotlight the potential inherent in organic dairy farming.

The project commenced following visits by Indonesian government delegates and smallholder cooperative farmers to Denmark in 2018 and 2019 for the purpose of gaining insights into organic dairy production. Subsequently, a formal partnership was established, and the initial phase of the project focused on enhancing capacity and assisting farmers in transitioning from traditional to organic dairy farming practices. In 2022, four pilot farms began transitioning to organic farming, producing certified-organic milk, with farmers receiving training. In 2023, Mazaraat Artisan Cheese launched the first batch of locally-produced organic cheese, set to increase daily milk production from 60 to 250 liters by year-end and 6,000 liters by 2026.

The new organic cheese will soon be available for purchase both in retail outlets and within the food service sector in Jakarta and Bali. Additionally, preparations are underway for the first export deals to be established with Singapore and Malaysia.

Growth in Indonesian dairy consumption is set to be at 6% in 2023. This figure, coupled with approximately 80% of dairy products being imported, underscores a growing local interest in enhancing efficiency. The Indonesian government has outlined clear objectives for organic production, with the goal of elevating local organic food production from its current level of approximately 2% to 20% by 2024.

(Source: Arla; Dairy Reporter)



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