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Airbus Encouraged To Produce Aircraft Components In Indonesia

February 2019

The Indonesias Government has requested Airbus to produce aircraft components in collaboration with Dirgantara Indonesia, an Indonesian aerospace manufacturing company. The country is also asking the aeronautics giant to manufacture aircraft tires in Indonesia.

Indonesia also plans to foster cooperation between Airbus and local airline companies in the sector of aircraft maintenance business. This is in line with the fact that Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia already have aircraft maintenance facilities in Batam and Bintan.

The local manufacture aircraft components in Indonesia is being proposed to optimize utilization of raw materials and create local jobs.

Airbus is in the process of conducting calculations for production cost, determining production capacity and investment value for the aircraft tire industry. In April 2019, Airbus is expected to reveal a proposal on aircraft maintenance business in Batam and Bintan.

(Sources: Antara News; Defense World)