Malaysia to Gain Improved Access to Turkish Defense Technology

August 2019

During a visit to Turkey in July 2019, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Turkey has offered to support the development of the local defense industry in Malaysia through enhanced technology transfer from the Turkish defense. Turkey’s willingness to allow Malaysia to tap into its high-tech capabilities including hiring Malaysian engineers in various fields is a privilege which is rarely accorded to any company or country. Malaysia considers three sectors as priority areas for collaboration with Turkey namely aerospace, automotive industries, machinery and equipment Manufacturing.

The Malaysian Prime Minister was impressed with Turkey’s ability in Manufacturing and servicing airplanes, helicopters and UAV in comparison to 20 years ago when they could only assemble F-16 aircraft. A comprehensive program to showcase Turkish defense industry capabilities was prepared for the Prime Minister as he toured the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) facilities and watched the airshow of unmanned air vehicles (Anka), helicopters (Atak) and planes (Hurkus) at Tusaş Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI), a Turkish engine maker. Malaysia is exploring affordable choices for air defense following cuts to its budget. 

Malaysia has a neutral stance in its military approach and is not obliged to acquire military assets from any particular country, unlike Turkey which is a member of NATO.  However, Malaysia has expressed its interest in collaborating with Turkey in technology for military transport vehicles and UAVs.

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