Sarawak Aims to Generate 10GW Of Renewable Energy By 2030, Seeks International Partnership

April 2024

Sarawak, a key player in Southeast Asia’s green economy, is on track to become a major renewable energy hub by leveraging its abundant indigenous resources. With plans to generate 10 gigawatts of energy by 2030, Sarawak is committed to transparency, integrity, and good governance, setting a precedent for sustainable development in the region.

Driving this initiative is Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB, the state’s primary producer of electricity), which is capitalizing on renewable sources such as hydropower, solar, and biomass. With a target to diversify its energy mix, SEB aims to not only meet the rising demand for energy but also attract foreign investments, particularly in the burgeoning biomass-based industry for electricity generation. Sarawak’s leadership in the green economy extends beyond its borders, with plans to supply green energy to Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia via undersea submarine cables. Additionally, Sarawak is undertaking ambitious projects like building a hydro dam in Kalimantan to supply green energy to Nusantara, Indonesia’s new capital. With the potential to generate 20,000 megawatts of hydropower, Sarawak is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in regional energy security and sustainability.

Beyond traditional renewable energy sources, Sarawak is pioneering innovative technologies such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and hydrogen production. With successful pilot projects in Kuching, Sarawak aims to commercialize these technologies to meet the aviation industry’s needs and drive forward the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles, including in projects like the Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) system. Furthermore, the state has received attention from international stakeholders, such as the European Investment Bank, as well as from companies from South Korea and Japan. With this, Sarawak is poised to capitalize on these opportunities for investment and collaboration in the green economy sector.

(Sources: Borneo Post; Business Today)

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