Singapore Eyes Geothermal Energy for Power Generation

November 2021

Singapore is considering geothermal energy as a potential clean energy source for the country’s power generation. The country is carrying out research at sites that have a high surface temperature measurement. Researchers are using a combination of computer models and seismic surveys to study the geological features and obtain temperature data to improve estimations of its geothermal resource potential.

One of the study sites is Sembawang Hot Spring Park. Associate Professor Alessandro Romagnoli, who leads the study, said, “Previous studies have given us simulated estimations, and our current study aims to improve these estimations by obtaining temperature data at locations we think to have higher temperatures, possibly near the Sembawang hot spring.”

The EMA expects preliminary findings from the exploratory studies to be established by the end of next year. If the studies show positive results, further research will be conducted to determine the viability and scalability of deploying geothermal systems in Singapore. Currently, solar energy is being deployed in Singapore as a clean energy source in the country’s efforts to decarbonize. If found to be feasible, the use of geothermal energy could mark its advancement in becoming an additional source of clean energy alongside solar energy in Singapore, and also support the nation’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and support climate change targets.

(Source: Channel News Asia)

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