SK Plasma to Introduce Blood Product Technology to Indonesia

September 2019

SK Plasma, a producer of blood products which is part of the conglomerate SK Group, announced that in early September that it has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Indonesian Red Cross and a state-owned Indonesian pharmaceutical company, BioPharma, for blood plasma production. The agreement includes technology transfer from SK Plasma to its Indonesian partner, BioPharma.

SK Plasma produces plasma-derivatives, such as albumin, immunoglobulin, coagulation factor, antithrombin III and others. The MOU signals the first time a Korean blood product company exports technology to Indonesia. The agreement will see SK Plasma register its finished blood products in Indonesia and export them to the country, as well as producing blood plasma at its facility in Andong, Korea. It will transferring blood plasma production technology to BioPharma.

The MOU addresses the challenges of high technological barriers to research and development and production in securing a stable supply of raw materials from blood of healthy people, ensuring national access to essential blood products used for immunodeficiency disorders, hemophilia and burn treatment. There are only around 30 producers of blood products worldwide.

(Source: Business Korea; Korea Herald)

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