South Korea’s Genuone Sciences Strengthens Business Presence in Vietnam

April 2024

South Korea’s pharmaceutical company Genuone Sciences has recently formed a partnership with Vietnam’s pharmaceutical manufacturer Imexpharm in a strategic move to expand its presence in Southeast Asian markets. This collaboration is expected to develop the manufacturing and distribution of vital medications for cardiovascular and diabetes-related diseases in Vietnam.

Focusing on seven essential pharmaceutical products, Genuone Sciences will support Imexpharm to produce and supply medications crucial in combating prevalent health issues in the region. The CEO of Genuone Sciences stressed the significance of this partnership in facilitating the company’s penetration into the dynamic Vietnamese market.

Imexpharm is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Vietnam, with four manufacturing clusters across the country. As a part of the partnership, Genuone Sciences will support the entire production, supply, and distribution chain of Imexpharm, increasing the supply of advanced medicines in the country.

The collaboration wants to be in line with Vietnam’s National Strategy for Pharmaceutical Development towards 2030, committing to promoting healthcare infrastructure. It aims to strengthen the pharmaceutical production landscape in Vietnam while setting a precedent for international partnerships aimed at advancing global health outcomes.

(Source: VnExpress)

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