New POS System Launched by BJC for the Traditional Retail Sector in Thailand

February 2023

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC), the Thai conglomerate and owner of Big C Supercenter, has launched a POS system to help Thai traditional stores (or so-called “Sho Huay Shops). The goal is to equip the stores with a modern management system with information data base to drive sustainable sales. BJC plans a nationwide roadmap, starting in Thailand’s northeast, north and south, within the first quarter of 2023, with a goal to reach 8,000 more stores and bring the total to 30,000 stores by 2027.

Donjai stores have three formats: small, medium and large. Each requires an investment of THB 200,000-300,000 (USD 7,740 – 11,610), with BJC subsidising 45-55% of the investment budget and the remainder paid by grocery store operators that convert to Donjai. Grocery store operators under the Donjai model purchase 50% of products from BJC Group to be sold at their stores. BJC hopes the percentage of BJC products sold at Donjai stores will reach 90% in the future.

BJC has joined forces with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Siam Commercial Bank, and the Thai Retailers Association to make the Donjai platform accessible to a wider range of businesses. The platform will offer several features, such as online marketplaces, digital payment solutions, and advertising tools, that will enable SMEs to reach a wider customer base and improve their overall business performance. The collaboration with these partners will allow Donjai to gain more visibility, and it is hoped that it will help to drive economic growth and create job opportunities for SMEs in Thailand.

(Sources: Bangkok Post; The Nation; Berli Jucker)

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