Thai Company Partners with American Specialist for ‘Never Frozen Fish’

February 2023

Aqquua, Thailand’s leading producer of farmed grouper, has announced a new partnership with American company EverCase, a specialist offering cold-chain solutions for transporting fresh fish.

Aqquua is the only Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified producer of farmed grouper in the world. The company was founded in 2016 and entered the retail market in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. It recently launched its first retail product with its Blackened Grouper and a Cajun Rub Grouper in skin-packs.

The collaboration will see Aqquua making use of EverCase’s cold-chain storage solution, which allows fish to be cooled at ultra-low temperatures without forming any ice crystals on the product. The technology allows seafood products to be stored for longer periods of time while maintaining the same qualities as fresh fish.

Aqquua will be the first company to test the new technology on a larger scale, and it is working with EverCase to produce a full shipping container so that up to 30,000 pounds of its farmed grouper can be transported from its farms in Thailand to as distant a port as New York via conventional ocean shipping.

The containers being developed by the company can also be used on a smaller scale, foe example, restaurants could use them to reduce food waste and improve product quality.

(Sources: EverCase; Seafood Source)

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