Thailand Collaborates with South Korea for the Construction of a Spaceport

March 2023

South Korea and Thailand have agreed to collaborate on a project involving the construction of a spaceport in the Southeast Asian country. The Yonhap news agency revealed that the Ministry of Science of South Korea has signed an agreement with Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency to conduct a feasibility study for the spaceport.

According to the news reports, the feasibility assessment will be conducted with a focus on geographical suitability, identifying a site for construction that allows for the avoidance of natural disasters. It will also assess environmental impacts, infrastructure, facilities, rocket types, regulations and a business model. The feasibility study is expected to be completed over the next three years.

In addition, Thailand’s space agency will collaborate with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute to help develop space technology in Thailand. This development follows a meeting held between the two countries’ science ministers in November 2022, during which the parties explored avenues of collaboration in the space sector.

South Korea has a developing science industry, and in July 2022, it achieved the construction of its first domestically produced rocket, which was deployed from Naro Space Centre. Thailand plans to launch the first of five domestically designed and built satellites in 2023.

Thailand’s first satellite is named TSC-Pathfinder, and will survey the Earth’s natural resources. It is being developed as part of the country’s 2021-27 space technology program.

(Sources: Global Construction Review; The Star)

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