Singaporean Company Advances Production of Green Steel in Thailand

August 2023

Singaporean steel company Meranti Steel has taken a significant step towards new green steel production in Thailand as it establishes a strategic cooperation with Bangkok Industrial Gas (BIG), a Thai gas and climate technology company. The two parties have just agreed to collaborate on a project aiming to provide low carbon nitrogen and oxygen supply, as well as green hydrogen, supporting one of the first green steel initiatives in the Southeast Asian region.

Scheduled to commence operations in late 2027, Meranti’s new green steel plant in Thailand represents a significant advancement in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Leveraging modern technology, sustainable solutions, and an innovative energy concept, the plant is projected to achieve annual carbon emission reductions of up to 3 million tonnes compared to traditional blast furnace technologies.

Meranti’s green steel project exemplifies the commitment of countries such as Singapore and Thailand to lead the sustainable transformation of the iron and steel industry, which currently accounts for over 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Importantly, the Thai industrial sector is one of the largest steel consumers in the region, producing goods ranging from automotive to home appliances. Most traditional fuel vehicle production is catered to through long-term contract imports. A new wave of investment in electric vehicles (SVs) production means there will be growing demand for low-emission steel from both existing and new auto manufacturers in the country.

(Source: Bangkok Industrial Gas)

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