US Firm Expands Solar Panel Production in the Philippines

April 2024

Silicon Valley-based Sol-Go Inc has made a strategic decision to build its new solar panel factory in the Philippines, choosing the country over manufacturing hubs like China and Vietnam.

Looking ahead, Sol-Go aims to significantly expand its Batangas factory, with plans to triple both its workforce and production capacity. Currently employing 15 workers and producing 15 megawatts of solar panels, the company envisions increasing its production capacity to 50 MW this year alone. To support these growth initiatives, Sol-Go has allocated USD 500,000 for its Philippine operations this year, with additional investments planned for the future.

The Philippine-made solar panels by Sol-Go, known for their high-tech and ultralightweight characteristics, are exported to various regions including the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia and Indonesia. Scott McHugo, the founder and chief executive officer of Sol-Go, expressed optimism about expanding sales within the Philippines, emphasizing the economic benefits of domestic production. He also highlighted Sol-Go’s commitment to local talent development, aiming for the Batangas plant to be fully operated by Filipino staff, showcasing the company’s confidence in the capabilities of the local workforce.

(Source: Philippine News Agency)

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