Airbus Commits to Sustainable Aviation Fuel Collaboration with the Philippines

April 2024

Airbus has committed to collaborating with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) on sustainable aviation fuel initiatives in the Philippines. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. secured this commitment during a meeting with Airbus’ President Anand Stanley in Berlin. The partnership aims to explore modern technologies for biofuels and carbon energy extraction from landfills, potentially revolutionizing the aviation sector’s energy sourcing.

Anand Stanley highlighted Airbus’ interest in sourcing fuels like used cooking oil and carbon energy from landfills, citing similar ventures in Australia. The process involves extracting organic and fatty oil matter from landfills, converting them into sustainable aviation fuel. This collaboration aligns with Airbus’ focus on sustainable aviation solutions and complements ongoing efforts to address carbon emissions in the aviation industry globally.

Additionally, Airbus aims to support human capital development, explore traffic management solutions and establish partnerships with Philippine and European universities. The partnership signifies Airbus’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, aiming to create a roadmap for sustainable aviation fuel use in the Philippines.

(Source: Presidential Communications Office)

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