AI Banking Solution from South Korea Introduced in Vietnam’s Electric Vehicle Market

August 2023

South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) financial firm AIZEN has introduced its AI banking solution in the Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) market. The launch of financing solutions for EVs has been supported through the partnership with BEST Express, a renowned transportation provider.

Vietnam is actively promoting eco-friendly services and encouraging the transition to electric and hybrid automobiles. Therefore, AIZEN seeks to support these environmental activities by providing greener finance options and growing its financial services through technological improvements.

In order to increase its competitive advantage, BEST Express intends to streamline its product delivery services, implement IoT technologies, and develop its battery exchange infrastructure. According to the agreement, the two businesses will collaborate to build a green delivery system and assist in the efficient deployment of EV vehicles.

EV-CreditConnect, a platform powered by AIZEN’s AI technology, links the EV market with finance in Vietnam and Indonesia. With this alliance, AI banking services will work more frequently with technological platforms, financial institutions, and transportation companies.

The fusion of AI and electric batteries in AIZEN’s 160 global patents allows the company to briskly respond and make decisions. The proficiency in AI and finance has earned the firm international acclaim, including selection by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a “Responsible AI” business and placing highly in prominent fintech contests.

BEST Express underlines the importance of this relationship in creating a green delivery system that complies with governmental regulations and reduces operational expenses. They want to utilize AIZEN’s innovative technologies to advance the electric vehicle industry and support local businesses and residents.

With the cooperation between BEST Express and AIZEN’s AI banking service, the EV market in Vietnam is anticipated to expand rapidly. In addition to improving product delivery, the agreement will also boost the country’s environmentally friendly transportation. By integrating AI and financial know-how, AIZEN and BEST Express are promoting the usage of electric vehicles and creating the groundwork for a greener future in Vietnam.

(Source: Fagen Wasanni Technologies)

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