Australia’s TNG and Malaysia’s AGV Energy to Produce Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Using Green Hydrogen Technology

July 2021

TNG Ltd, an Australian resource and mineral processing technology company, has announced a new green energy partnership with Malaysian technology and green energy company, AGV Energy & Technology Sdn Bhd to explore the commercial production of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) and green hydrogen. Both firms have committed to establishing opportunities for the commercialization of green hydrogen technology, known as ‘HySustain’ in Australia, and explore broader potentials of VRFB applications in Malaysia.
HySustain produces green hydrogen and oxygen using demineralized water electrolysis and renewable energy. AGV Energy has been working with global specialized development partners to develop HySustain, considered to be an advanced technology based on findings from a test plant in Europe on its operational and commercial viability. TNG Ltd and AGV Energy & Technology intend to build scalable HySustain technology in stages, with a pilot project set to take place in Malaysia to test out its first commercial application.
AGV Energy which is a subsidiary unit of the AGV Group also aims to supply green electricity through purpose-built, project-specific solar farms. This is because the generation of green hydrogen requires power derived entirely from renewable energy sources. VRFB will be utilized as the preferred energy storage system for HySustain in Malaysia given the large, scalable, and long-life energy storage for solar power generation. AGV Energy is currently under negotiations with possible Asia Pacific hydrogen emission partners.
TNG has aligned the potential rollout as part of the company’s ongoing green energy strategy to reduce net carbon emissions, including future emissions from its flagship Mount Peake vanadium-titanium-iron project in the Northern Territory. In April, it has partnered with V-Flow Tech, a battery technology developer based in Singapore to set up a VRFB storage business in remote regional sites in Australia.
(Sources: TNG Limited; Small Caps News; Australian Manufacturing)

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