DP World Partners with Sabah Ports to Boost Handling Capacity at Malaysian Container Port

May 2024

UAE-based global logistics provider, DP World, and Malaysia’s port operator, Sabah Ports have recently formed a collaborative partnership to oversee the management of the Sapangar Bay Container Port. The primary objective of this strategic partnership is to significantly increase the port’s handling capacity, thereby bolstering its role as a crucial regional trade hub within the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East growth area.

This partnership entails a concerted effort to expand the container handling capability of the Sapangar Bay port from its current capacity of 500,000 teu to an impressive 1.25 million teu by the year 2025. To achieve this ambitious goal, both DP World and Sabah Ports are committed to making substantial investments aimed at enhancing terminal workflows, expediting digitalization initiatives to improve operational efficiency, and fortifying the port’s overall connectivity. Since 2019, DP World and Sabah Ports have been collaborating to develop innovative solutions geared towards enhancing Sapangar Bay’s competitiveness and fostering cargo growth across Sabah’s hinterlands. With a shared vision of improving both landside and seaside connectivity, the partners aspire to create an extensive network of inland container depots, industrial parks, logistics parks, and free zones across Sabah.

Moreover, DP World plans on leveraging its global expertise to establish Sapangar Bay as a pivotal hub for the markets within the growth area, supported by a comprehensive infrastructure network. Sabah Ports, on the other hand, foresees this collaboration as a catalyst for addressing logistical challenges, attracting economic investments, and catalyzing infrastructural upgrades along the supply chain, therefore contributing to the economic growth and development of Sabah.

(Sources: DP World; Seatrade Maritime)

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