Malaysia’s Nuclear Agency and Alam Flora Partner for Plastic-to-Fuel Innovation

February 2024

The Malaysian Nuclear Agency (MNA), a research nuclear technology facility under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, has joined hands with ALAM Flora Environmental Solutions (AFES), the technology arm of Alam Flora, a major environmental management company in Malaysia, to establish a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration on an inventive plastic-to-fuel conversion technology proof of concept.

The collaborative activities include the aggregation and processing of plastic waste, along with the utilization of radiation-assisted pyrolysis (RAP). RAP involves the use of heat to decompose plastics within a controlled system, resulting in the production of reusable byproducts. MNA has already constructed a test rig and generated initial samples of pyrolysis oil, with technical guidance from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). These efforts are in line with broader objectives aimed at expanding the peaceful applications of nuclear technology, fostering socio-economic development, enhancing industrial competitiveness, and preserving ecological balance. This collaborative initiative is regarded as a significant step towards mainstreaming the peaceful utilization of nuclear technology in Malaysia, thereby potentially improving the quality of life for Malaysians.

The outcome of the partnership between AFES and the Nuclear Agency, leveraging RAP technology, has achieved a remarkable fuel production efficiency of over 80% through the pyrolysis process, with a reduced operating temperature below 100°C compared to conventional methods. This innovative approach holds promise in significantly reducing energy consumption in plastic processing at the molecular level. The MoU signed between AFES and the Nuclear Agency not only aims to significantly reduce plastic waste but will also be a pioneer in dealing with environmental care issues through nuclear technology that has never been explored.

(Sources: The Malaysian Reserve; New Straits Times)

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