Enza Zaden Opens Its First Regional R&D Facility in Malaysia for Agriculture Seed Research

May 2022

Enza Zaden, a leading vegetable-breeding firm from the Netherlands announced the completion of its first South East Asia Research and Development (R&D) infrastructure facility in Perak state, Malaysia. The R&D facility seeks to serve the agriculture seed markets across 12 countries in the region and internationally.

The R&D facility has 20 hectares of terraced irrigated trial fields, as well as various greenhouses and tunnels for breeding activities, phytopathology research, and farm support centers. Pankaj Malik, Regional Director of Enza Zaden Asia stated that the firm employed a dedicated R&D team with local experience to identify the needs of the local growers and the local market, and develop the best high-performing varieties suitable for tropical climate and soil conditions. Enza Zaden Asia has established its regional office in Penang with over 100 local employees. It is also working with local universities to provide internship programs and share technical knowledge in the agricultural sector.

Enza Zaden is the first global seed player to receive BioNexus Status by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Bioeconomy Corporation) in 2016.  Bioeconomy Corporation is an economic development agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries Malaysia (MAFI).

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