France Aims to Enhance Business Presence in Indonesia

October 2023

Aiming to expand its corporate footprint in Indonesia, France is putting industrial collaboration at the core of its economic ties with the Southeast Asian country. According to the French Ambassador to Indonesia, bilateral connections are strong, notably in trade and investment. Many French firms across several industries already count operations in Indonesia.

The French Ambassador to Indonesia did not provide the most recent data on the number of French enterprises that have expanded into Indonesia. However, in 2020, his predecessor stated that at least 200 French enterprises of all sizes were active in Indonesia. Among the most significant French players are the food firm Danone and the cosmetics manufacturer L’Oreal.

Government data reveals that Indonesia received a remarkable USD 252.9 million investment from France in 2022. French financing was directed to 1,160 projects spread across the archipelago. Trade between Indonesia and France increased from USD 2.3 billion in 2021 to USD 2.4 billion the following year. In 2022, Indonesia’s key exports to France comprised machinery and electrical equipment, vegetable oil, and apparel. On the other hand, Indonesia mainly imported cosmetics, electrical equipment, and dairy items from France.

Investment in Nusantara, Indonesia’s future capital city in East Kalimantan, has risen to the top of the president of Indonesia’s foreign economic diplomacy priority list. When meeting other international leaders, the president constantly strives to bring up the megaproject. In a recent bilateral meeting, the Indonesian president thanked the French president for

(Source: Jakarta Globe)

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