Ho Chi Minh City Launches Trial Smart Health and Smart Education Operation Centers

February 2020

As a part of the project to turn Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) into a smart city, pilot models of operation centers for smart health and smart education, were launched in February 2020.

The smart health operation center will connect, gather and integrate data from relevant agencies (emergency and telemedicine centers), hospitals (domestic and more than 100 hospitals in 12 countries), and other health facilities and enable analysis, forecast and surveillance of diseases using artificial intelligence. Cameras have been installed at 48 hospitals and connected with the center for health department officials to monitor emergency aid rooms. More will be installed in the future.

The center will help in the announcement of warnings and sharing of information to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. It will instantly update and display the occupancy rates at the city’s 47 hospitals, show the addresses of people who have contracted the new coronavirus and report on the number of confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases in the country and the world.

The city has installed cameras at 48 hospitals and connected them with the center for health department officials to monitor emergency aid rooms. More will be installed in future.

The smart education operation center will help the Department of Education and Training monitor schools through cameras and will regularly update information about training and track information on social media. It will create an online eco-system for teaching and research.

The municipal authority in HCMC initiated a Smart City project for the 2017-2020 period, with a vision to 2025.

(Sources: VietnamNews; vovworld.vn)

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