International Specialist Explore Production of Solar Panels and Energy Storage Systems in Indonesia

September 2023

Four international renewable energy firms recently announced their collective intent to investigate prospects for manufacturing solar panel components and energy storage systems in Indonesia. The companies involved include Vena Energy, headquartered in Singapore, Suntech from China, REPT Battero, and Powin based in the United States. Their objective is to manufacture various components required for solar photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems.

These components will find applications in Vena Energy’s solar project located in Indonesia’s Riau Islands. The solar power facility is expected to have a maximum capacity of 2 gigawatts, while the accompanying battery systems could potentially store over 8 gigawatt hours of energy.

Nitin Apte, the Chief Executive Officer of Vena Energy, mentioned that the power produced by the facility will be transported from Batam to Singapore, which is just 30 nautical miles away. Vena Energy has established a partnership with renowned global energy company Shell to facilitate this endeavor. Vena Energy has entered into a “collaboration agreement” with Shell to facilitate the “cross-border supply” of renewable energy generated by the ambitious hybrid megaproject.

The construction of the project is projected to commence in the year 2026. Over the next three years, Vena Energy will be handling all matters related to permits across various ministries and institutions.

(Sources: Channel News Asia; PV Magazine)

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