JICA and Japanese Firms Collaborate with Mandaue City for Food Waste Conversion Feasibility Study

March 2024

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), along with Japanese firms Guun Co., Ltd., and Takematsu Shoji Co., Ltd., are collaborating with the Mandaue City Environment and Natural Resources Office (MCENRO) to conduct a feasibility study on converting food wastes into biochar. This initiative falls under the JICA Partnership with the Private Sector Program, aiming to introduce Japanese technologies to address societal challenges like waste management. Guun and Takematsu Shoji bring their expertise to Cebu, where they will explore the conversion of middle or low-quality food wastes into biochar for use as an alternative fuel, soil conditioner, or animal feed.

Guun Co., Ltd. and Takematsu Shoji Co., Ltd. bring extensive waste management experience to the project. Guun has a track record of over 20 years in recycling waste into fuels, while Takematsu Shoji operates a large-scale food waste recycling facility in Japan. Their involvement reflects a broader trend of Japanese companies partnering with JICA to implement various projects in the Philippines, ranging from disaster management and renewable energy to agroindustry development and nursing-care systems.

(Source: Japan International Cooperation Agency)

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