Llaollao Expands Presence in Singapore, Capitalizing on Growing Demand

July 2023

Spanish frozen yogurt company Llaollao has identified Singapore as a key market, with plans to expand its presence in the country. The company, known for its high-quality yogurt products, is eyeing the growing demand for healthy and indulgent treats in Singapore’s dynamic food and beverage market. With more than 320 stores worldwide, Asia has become its second-most important market after Spain, with more than 150 stores throughout the region and 12 stores in key locations across Singapore. The company’s Singapore locations were strategically chosen based on consumer traffic, hence having over 90% of the stores located within shopping malls. 

The company’s decision to expand further is driven by the country’s favorable business environment, strategic location, and thriving consumer market. Singapore’s reputation as a food haven and its diverse culinary scene make it an ideal market for Llaollao’s expansion plans. The company aims to tap into the rising health-conscious trend among consumers, offering its signature natural, healthy, gluten-free probiotic frozen yogurt products made from premium milk and yogurt. Llaollao’s presence in Singapore has also facilitated its expansion to Malaysia, allowing the company to increase the number of stores by 55.7% from 2022. Llaollao’s decision to expand in Singapore also underscores the country’s reputation as an attractive investment destination. Singapore’s strong infrastructure, well-regulated business environment, and supportive government policies make it an ideal choice for companies seeking growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

(Source: llaollao)

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