Mangata Networks Announces New Maritime Headquarters and Infrastructure R&D Centre in Singapore

March 2023

Mangata Networks, an innovative satellite-enabled network and edge cloud computing services company, has established Singapore as the location for its Maritime Global Headquarters (MGHQ). Supported by the Office for Space Technology and Industry, Singapore (OSTIn) the MGHQ will enable the development of vital technology, enhance Singapore’s position as a key player in the space industry, and support the rapid growth of Mangata’s operations in the region.

Founded in 2020, Mangata combines a proprietary HEO (highly elliptical orbit) and MEO (medium earth orbit) constellation, which bundles backhaul connectivity with intelligent MangataEdge micro data centers. Its innovative system provides seamless, affordable, and scalable B2G and B2B connectivity, access to cloud technology, IoT services, and 5G coverage.

The establishment of Mangata’s MGHQ in Singapore includes the following:

  • An end-to-end simulation and development lab; a virtualized version of Mangata’s satellite system simulating how modems and network controls work and how the system supports maritime traffic.
  • A maritime commercial testbed; a network of maritime-optimized edge micro data centers built to research and test hardware configurations, demonstrate network capabilities, and act as a testbed for Mangata and third-party developed solutions.
  • A maritime edge and service applications development platform empowering the research, design, and manufacturing of a suite of satellite-enabled hardware and software products that support global maritime operations.
  • A state-of-the-art systems infrastructure R&D center providing data and continuous feedback for satellite and ground network optimization to support Mangata’s satellite constellation. Mangata will also train support staff to oversee, operate, and develop tools for optimal network function.

The technology developed by Mangata will augment Singapore’s growth in the space and maritime industry and will offer training and knowledge transfer opportunities to the local workforce.

(Source: Mangata)

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