Malaysia-EU Collaboration on Energy Transition and Water Security

March 2024

The Malaysian government has pledged to work closely with the European Union (EU) to promote technology transfer for energy transition and bolster water security. This commitment was announced during the Invest Sarawak and Business Day event and the EU-Malaysia Business Day 2024, which drew over 400 attendees, including state Cabinet ministers, business leaders, and 23 EU delegates.

The Malaysian Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation has emphasized the significance of partnering with the EU in research and development (R&D) fields to strengthen Malaysia’s efforts towards green and hydroenergy solutions. The Ministry has been entrusted with leading this R&D collaboration, focusing on key areas such as technology transfer for energy transition, carbon emissions reduction, and water security enhancement. Sarawak presently benefits from abundant renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power from its rivers, solar power generation with consistent sunshine throughout the year, and natural gas, aligning with the national objective of achieving zero net emissions by 2050.

Affirming the EU’s commitment to collaborating with Sarawak and the federal government, EU Ambassador to Malaysia, Michalis Rokas, highlights the focus on addressing connectivity and digitalization challenges to accelerate Malaysia’s green and energy transition efforts. Additionally, the EU plans to participate in Sarawak’s upcoming green hydrogen exhibition. Sarawak is set to host the Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Conference & Exhibition (APGH) 2024 at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching from June 11 to 13, 2024.

(Sources: Sarawak Government; The Star)

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