Pilot Plastic Recycling Project Being Initiated in Danang

January 2020

According to a report in VietnamPlus, Environment and Urban Company (URENCO) will implement a pilot project for plastic waste recycling in Danang through a partnership with EverGreen Labs. URENCO is a state-owned firm and one of the leading players in the waste treatment area in Vietnam. Evergreen Labs is a Vietnam-based consultant, project developer, company builder and investor for social & Environmental ventures, with its headquarters located in Danang, Vietnam.

The facility to be built in three months, with an investment of USD 100,000, will specialize in recycling nylon bags, single-use plastic straws and cups, and Styrofoam. It will be equipped with high-tech incineration equipment. The processed plastic waste could be used to make public or hotel trash bins, planks, gym poles or climbing boards, panels for furniture, and floor tiles. The pilot project will operate for a period of 12 months, before expansion of the recycling operation, according to Danang’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Danang, a rapidly growing city with a population of 1 million releases around 1,200 tons of waste, of which 22% is plastic, and 55% is household organic waste. the city has taken several steps to deal with waste. An estimated 75% of state buildings in the city stopped using plastic bottles from 2018, and recycling bins have been installed at public sites. A “Recycle, Reduce, Re-use, Refuse and Repair” communication campaign is being carried out in the community, schools, residential quarters and offices.

The city has arranged an investment of VND 172 billion (USD 7.5 million) has been arranged for building depots and 4,000 garbage trucks. In 2016, Danang invested USD 19 million USD to build its first waste treatment plant with a capacity of 700 tons per day, but the facility did not process any waste due to technology issues.

(Sources: VietnamPlus; Vietnam News Agency)

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