Nestle Philippines Partners with Cement Manufacturer for Waste Management

September 2020

Nestle Philippines and cement manufacturer, CEMEX Holdings Philippines, inked a partnership agreement to divert plastic waste laminates away from landfills in Cebu province by collecting and co-processing them in cement kilns.

Under the partnership, Nestle Philippines through its program partners and authorized transportation provider, will collect post-consumer soft plastics, and pre-process and transport these to the APO Cement Corporation’s plant in Tinaan, Naga City in Cebu. APO Cement, a subsidiary of CEMEX Holdings Philippines, will in turn co-process the post-consumer soft plastics. The waste plastic laminates will be sourced from different cities and municipalities in Cebu.

The press release from Nestle states that as a method of waste disposal, co-processing is permitted by local environmental laws and regulations, and is practiced in various countries. In the Philippines, cement kiln co-processing is preferable to landfilling and physical treatment, since it results in energy and minerals from waste being almost completely used up.

(Sources: Nestle Philippines)

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