Singapore Army Starts Using a New Light Machine Gun

June 2024

The Singapore Army has started outfitting its infantry units with a new light machine gun (LMG) designed for close-quarters combat. Specifically, the army has been gradually introducing the 6940E-SG infantry automatic rifle since April 2024 to enhance soldiers’ combat effectiveness.

Manufactured by Colt Manufacturing from the United States, this weapon is equipped with features specifically tailored to meet the requirements of infantry troops, including ambidextrous fire controls. In addition, the LMG features an adjustable foregrip and buttstock to provide operators with a more customized fit. Utilizing a Picatinny rail system, the machine gun can accommodate additional modules to meet the future operational needs of the army. Compared to its predecessor, the 6940E-SG is notably shorter, enhancing its maneuverability, particularly in urban environments with confined spaces.

According to the Singapore Army, the new LMG was acquired in collaboration with Defence Science and Technology to enhance the army’s firepower capabilities. It replaces the long-serving Singapore-made Ultimax 100 Section Automatic Weapon (SAW), which has been in service for over four decades. Among the enhancements, the new machine gun is equipped with a versatile laser aiming device to assist soldiers in various combat scenarios. Additionally, it features an upgraded sighting system incorporating a 3x magnifier scope, enabling faster and more accurate target acquisition.

The LMG is supposed to surpass the SAW in terms of both accuracy and reliability. Its improved maneuverability allows the gunner to swiftly navigate tight spaces, making it highly suitable for urban operations.

(Source: The Defense Post)


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