Swedish Cancer Care Company Opens Office in Thailand

January 2024

Elekta, a global Swedish company that develops and produces radiation therapy and radiosurgery-related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders, recently announced the establishment of a new office in Bangkok to support directly Thai and Asian customers in the Cancer Care segment.

The establishment of Elekta Thailand intends to support the growing number of cancer patients in Thailand to access the benefits of high-quality radiation therapy. It also enables Elekta to be closer to the customers to assist with the treatment of cancer patients and reinforces the Thailand government’s initiative to shorten radiation therapy waiting times by half by increasing the number of devices.

Elekta has the intention to implement a regional strategy, branded ACCESS 2025, to directly strengthen its network in key growth markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Elekta’s new hub in Thailand supports this goal while also helping neighbouring countries with access and services for cancer treatment.

Elekta is currently engaging various hospitals and medical customer groups, in Thailand, updating them on the latest technology, and demonstrating new radiation therapy standards via a cloud-based application known as ProKnow. The app helps create a precise radiation treatment plan based on the patient’s specific condition and tumor characteristics. A treatment plan allows you to deliver the right dose to the tumor and minimize damage to healthy tissue.

(Sources: Elekta; The Nation)

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