Thailand to Accelerate Digital Uptake of Its Agrifood Industry

May 2022

The Thai government has pledged to hasten the digital transformation plans of the country’s food and agriculture industry this year. The focus areas will include big data, smart agriculture, and e-commerce.

Over the past several years, the country has worked extensively on the digitalization of food and agriculture supply chains, especially after the introduction of national Thailand 4.0 and 20-year National Strategy frameworks. Since 2020 a national traceability system called TraceThai is being developed for the entire agrifood supply chain, starting with local organic foods. Thailand prioritizes agrifood for traceability due to the crucial role it plays in improving the economy.

As of 2022, four subcommittees have been formed within the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC). The MOAC is now collaborating with Agritech and Innovation Centres (AICs) in 77 provinces across the country, transferring more than 700 technologies to over 8,500 producers, and connecting its database with the National Farmers’ Council to provide better information and services.

In the near future, the MOAC will focus more on integrated digital systems.

(Source: FoodNavigator-Asia)

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