Austrian Company Explores New Power Plant Projects in Thailand

September 2022

Leading Austrian power generation solution company INNIO just announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with B.Grimm Power to collaborate on building new power plant projects in Thailand.

B.Grimm is a multinational conglomerate based in Bangkok with a long history in Thailand’s private power generation industry. The MoU lays out the framework for the collaboration of the two companies, to build projects between 2022 to 2024, within the liquified natural gas (LNG) and natural gas segment.

Within the MoU, INNIO and B.Grimm will explore the development of decentralized and highly efficient power plants. The two companies will focus on jointly developing the LNG and natural gas segment in Thailand with the possibility of future projects.

Across Southeast Asia, Thailand serves as one of the most dynamic countries where a secure and reliable energy supply has and continues to play a central role in supporting strong gross domestic product development. B.Grimm Power (B.Grimm’s subsidiary) currently delivers more than 2.8 GW of power to Thailand, supporting strong economic growth and available power supply for the Thai economy.

(Source: INNIO Group)

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