The Malaysian Army Sets to Acquire 178 Mildef Tarantula 4×4 HMAV Armored Vehicles

September 2023

Mildef International Technologies (Mildef), a Malaysian private defense company has sealed a deal to provide 178 T Tarantula 4×4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicles (HMAV) to the Malaysian Armed Forces, with deliveries commencing from 2024. The Tarantula HMAV was produced by Mildef in partnership with the Science Technology Research Institute for Defense (STRIDE) and the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The Tarantula 4×4 HMAV is designed to shield a crew of 10 from threats like mines and improvised explosive devices, boasts of compatibility with NATO’s STANAG 4569 standards, highlighting levels of protection against ballistic and artillery threats. Powering this 14-tonne vehicle is a 7.2-liter turbocharged Caterpillar engine, enabling speeds up to 110 km/h, and it is armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Furthermore, Mildef has hinted at unveiling a new Tarantula variant, equipped with advanced weaponry, within the next two years.

Following its formal launch in 2021, the Tarantula 4×4 HMAV underwent an extensive nine-day evaluation, traversing 700km on structured roadways and an additional 300km on unstructured terrains. This assessment focused on its endurance on major thoroughfares, fuel consumption efficiency, and load-bearing capacity. The vehicle’s production heavily leans on local resources, with 70% of its components, such as the chassis, body, and engine system, being locally sourced. The remaining 30% includes imported elements like the axle and a six-speed transmission. Additionally, its armor meets the STANAG Level 2 standards, and features like mine-resistant seats enhance the safety of its passengers.

(Sources: Janes; Army Recognition)

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