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Vietnam Preparing To Launch National Digital Map

ICT - Vietnam
January 2019

Vietnam’s digital map on project, which creates a full address list and associated geocodes in a complete map is planned to be operational by February, 2019. The digital map is a part of the “Digital Vietnamese knowledge project” from Vietnam government to create a Vietnamese version of Wikipedia about different aspects of the country. 

The State-run Vietnam Post (VnPost) Corporation is in charge of aggregating map data as its experience in collecting information on a nationwide scale. By January 11th, a total of nearly 1.39 million addresses across the country had been aggregated. VnPost is also handling establishing the IT infrastructure for the project, preparing information collection and reviewing plans, before urging local business and people to provide necessary edits related to their addresses.

People’s committees have been asked to co-ordinate closely with the science and technology ministry and VnPost. Local departments of environment, transport and statistics are also aiding the information collection workers.

As the government's decision support tool and the information hub for businesses and organisations, the digital map is expected to help all Vietnamese people, especially the younger generation to develop innovative technologies. 

(Source: Vietnam News)