5 MW Battery Energy Storage System Pilot Project Launched in Indonesia

April 2022

The Indonesian state-owned utility PLN has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) to build a 5 MW battery energy storage system (BESS) pilot project this year, as the country shifts from diesel-generated power to renewable energy.

PLN aims to convert 250 MW of power currently sourced from diesel-fired power plants to renewable energy in 2022. The overall PLN’s “de-dieselization” program will include converting 5200 units of diesel plants into solar PV by 2024, equivalent to a total of 2 GW capacity. There is a growing demand for battery storage in Indonesia as the development of renewable energy plants, especially solar power plants and wind power plants, requires batteries to provide a stable and consistent electricity supply.

Besides the MOU, PLN is working with two Korean companies to research the technology’s potential in facilitating the two nations’ renewable energy transition and decreasing costs through peak shaving. PLN is also collaborating with a subsidiary of conglomerate Sinar Mas Group to expand the country’s electric vehicle charging (EV) infrastructure. The PLN subsidiaries involved in the BESS project are the main electricity provider PT Indonesia Power, plant operator PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali, and support unit Electricity Maintenance Center.

(Source: Energy Storage News)

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