AECO Energy Launches AECO Pacific and Aims to Deliver ‘Last Mile’ of Value Chain to Singapore’s Open Electricity Market

May 2021

With over 12 years of experience in delivering open market electricity services in Australia, AECO Energy is establishing AECO Pacific and bringing its second generation of services and technology to Singapore for the first time, focusing on delivering the ‘last mile’ of the value chain to Singapore’s maturing open electricity market.
Launched in 2021, AECO Pacific is a Singapore business that provides the Power Choice and AECO Energy brand of electricity brokerage and consulting services. Servicing deregulated electricity markets, the company provides businesses with market intelligence and procurement services for electricity contracts in a dynamic and changing market.
Specifically, AECO Energy is introducing three offerings as part of its electricity management solutions:

  • MarketPro: Businesses can optimize costs and seize market opportunities with exclusive access to customized market price information through AECO Energy’s integrated online procurement and management platform equipped with Rate Watch, a market simulation, and automated procurement technology from as low as SGD 149 (USD 112) per month.
  • Portfolio: Businesses get exclusive access to economies of scale with better buying power through professional and expert-managed energy procurement portfolios overseen by AECO Energy experts. This allows enterprises to focus on their core business. At the same time, AECO Energy experts will fully manage their electricity contracts and make better buying decisions on their behalf from as low as an additional SGD 74 (USD 55.8) per month.
  • SustainPro: SustainPro focuses on helping businesses meet their sustainability goals at the lowest cost. AECO Energy offers lower costs on the procurement of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and tailored REC supply solutions designed to meet transition needs towards a more sustainable business.

“Our mission is clear: just like Amazon is revolutionizing the ‘last mile’ of product supply chains with its same-day delivery, we are also delivering the ‘last mile’ of the value chain in Singapore’s OEM that enables more businesses better purchasing decisions, more business profitability and growing all of Singapore’s economy,” said CEO Alan Jones.
(Sources: AECO Energy; Singapore Business Review)

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