Singapore’s First Energy Storage System at Pasir Panjang Terminal

August 2022

In an effort to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, Singapore’s first Energy Storage System (ESS) has been deployed at Pasir Panjang Terminal, and will start functioning by the third quarter of 2022. The project is part of the USD 8 million partnership between the PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) and Energy Market Authority (EMA) to transform PSA’s energy usage in port operations through the use of smart grid technologies and energy management systems.

The ESS has the potential to improve the energy efficiency of port operations by 2.5% and reduce the port’s carbon footprint by 1,000 tCO2e per annum, which is the equivalent of removing around 300 cars off the road annually.

EMA stated previously that the smart grid technologies will be used to manage the flow of electricity at the site, which has greatly fluctuating energy demand based on the use of heavy logistics equipment like cranes. The company’s EnOS software platform will forecast energy demand at the terminal in real-time, using machine learning AI algorithms. Whenever there is a forecasted surge in energy consumption, the 2 megawatt/2 megawatt-hour battery ESS is activated to supply energy to help meet demand. With this enhancement to Pasir Panjang Terminal, spikes in the energy demand of the port will be minimized.

(Source: Energy Market Authority)

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